Our Ingredients

Jennys Homemade Cookies are made with the finest ingredients with absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors. In the bakery, Jennys Homemade Cookies are truly made by hand. She makes certain that the ingredients – creamy macadamia nuts, Belgian chocolates and caramels, succulent dried blueberries and cranberries, for example – are incorporated evenly so that each bite will be as delectable and unforgettable as the next. She dollops each cookie by hand with dough mixed with the highest quality ingredients – fresh U.S. Grade AA butter, (absolutely no shortening or preservatives in our bakery!) pure vanilla extract, Domino granulated and brown sugars, and such well-respected brands as Nestle®, Hershey® and Barry Callebaut® Belgian chocolates.  Oh!... and have we mentioned that each of our cookies weigh just shy of a quarter of a pound?!  (with the exception of just a few)

With these cookies, you won’t need a jar!